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China Freight Forwarder ,air forwarding and sea freight forwarder service.

We incorporate your needs, requirements, budget, and goals into determining the best shipping service route and transshipment point

Our Services

Weilong Freight is a Chinese freight forwarder, providing professional freight forwarders, air freight, amazon freight forwarder and other services.


Weilong Freight have tailor-made door-to-door delivery as we know this is usually the most convenient for customers.

Sea Freight Forwarder

Sea or ocean freight is the main means of shipping goods across the world for import and export purposes.

Air Forwarding

We offer air freight options and prioritize prompt delivery for you. shipment will clear customs and reach you in time.

FBA Shipping

Weilong Freight has an Amazon FBA shipping team, providing the most competitive prices to handle your transportation.

Rail Freight

Railway transportation, as an important part of China's Belt and Road, has become a competitive and influential logistics method.

Alibaba Freight Forwarder

We work with top carriers from around the world to offer the most secure space and competitive rates for all your shipping needs.


We Care About Logistics

We provide services in the field of road, sea, rail, air transportation and a full range of warehousing services.

Warehousing and fulfillment

The role of a warehouse or an on-demand warehousing solution is to store products, whereas the role of a fulfillment center is to efficiently meet customer expectations around shipping.

Smart logistic services

An affordable way to get your products to your customers, We believe in reliable, high quality, value for money supply chain solutions which we provide for an impressive array of customers.

Transportation and distribution

Transportation is the movement of things form one place to another while distribution is the system by which products are categorized.

How It Works?

No matter your industry or business size. Weilong Freight can help. We have teams of experts dedicated to our customers like you.

Covering Over 300 Ports in More Than 150+ Countries

We provide you a team of experienced logistics specialists who will ensure your cargo is moving expediently, safely, and with full visibility to you.

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Trusted Customers

To provide better solutions for shipping your cargo that are faster, saver, and less costly to its destination.

Feel fast and convenient service, through Weilong Freigh, our goods arrive in the United States smoothly
Junaid Hasan
Amazon FBA sales
We are a company that sells clothing, and Weilong Freight provides a very fast service.
Anastasiya Tarasiuk
Fashion Atlas Group
We ordered a batch of drinking fountains, Weilong Freight provides complete logistics from China to Canada.
Sanjay Kapur
Slick Dealz Ltd.

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