Door to Door Logistics

Weilong Freight work with top carriers from around the world to offer the most secure space and competitive rates for all your shipping a complicated process requiring a great deal of preparation. We’re here, however, to make it easy for any sized business.

our services


We will deliver your cargo in strict conformity with every detail. Depending on your preference and need.

Door to Door service

Whatever the mode of transport, our handlers and managers coordinate in perfect tandem with each other and take charge of your goods from the point of origin in China to the destination in World.

Booking and pre-shipment planning

Weilong Freight offering outstanding shipping standards and worry free solutions.we has been offering clients hassle-free import from China to world via Sea and Air.

our expertise

Global network

We are contracted with reliable and trusted carriers to ensure your cargo sails on time, as scheduled.

Shipping expertise

We have experienced teams at origin and destination that can help you optimize each shipment for cost, route, or transit time.

End-to-end services

We providing premium service on sailings from China, to ensure your urgent cargo arrives to its destination on time