Ocean Freight Forwarder

Sea or ocean freight is the main means of shipping goods across the world for import and export purposes. The main reasons for this are that it’s cheap, allows for high volume transport and provides the option for FCL or LCL, making sea freight as the top choice for international trade.

our services

Efficient solutions by ocean that can offer a balance between freight cost, transit time and inventory cost.

LCL Shipping Services

Weilong Freight is the premier provider of efficient sea freight services for all your shipping needs. 

Weilong Freight undertake all documentation and customs protocols to spare you the hassles of shipping!

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Global network

We are contracted with reliable and trusted carriers to ensure your cargo sails on time, as scheduled.

Shipping expertise

We have experienced teams at origin and destination that can help you optimize each shipment for cost, route, or transit time.

End-to-end services

We providing premium service on sailings from China, to ensure your urgent cargo arrives to its destination on time